Pediatric Occupational Therapy:

Pediatric Occupational Therapy incorporates play to improve foundational skills and nurishes independence to encourage children to participate in daily life activities at home, school, and in the community. 

Fun, interactive and functional activities are a vital part of our therapy sessions to motivate our clients to participate in activities that promote appropriate adaptive responses and improve the overall abilities of the child.

Services and Skills provided include:

  • Assess and  fine motor, self help and sensory processing disorders.
  • Improve upper extremity muscle strength, endurance, range of motion, coordination, fine motor abilities and function.
  • Address and treat visual motor integration disorders.
  • Address self-care skills.
  • Work on social and peer interaction skills.
  • Provide education to caregivers.
  • Consult with other professionals regarding the role of occupational therapy and how it can improve the child’s daily life.
  • Collaborate with caregivers and child to create effective carry-over from the occupational therapy clinic to home.